Voltaire Governance Parameters Survey

Provided to you by SummonPlatform and Drip-Dropz snapshot as a service on behalf of the Intersect MBO Governance Parameters Working Group.

Survey will close at end of Cardano Epoch 465 (9 February, 2024, 21:45 UTC)

Throughout 2023 a series of CIP-1694 Workshops were held across the world, both in person and online, in order to gather the wider community's input on how Cardano's initial 'Minimum Viable Governance' set up both could, and should, be configured.

Information was gathered in a multitude of ways, using various formats and submission methods, across over 50 different Workshops.

That information was used to establish an initial set of Governance 'Parameters'. A group of variable settings that can be tweaked and edited to best reflect the Cardano community's consensus of what a good governance model looks like.

With these Parameters now determined, they next need to have their initial settings agreed upon in order for the 'Bootstrapping Phase' of CIP-1694 Governance on Mainnet to commence.

In response to this need, an Intersect 'Governance Parameters Workgroup' was set up to help determine what these initial settings should be.

This Workgroup has been tasked with providing the Parameters Committee a report on their views on what initial Parameter settings would constitute 'Minimal Viable Governance'.

As the ethos of the CIP-1694 Workshops across the world was to provide the wider community a chance to have their say, the Governance Parameters Workgroup has decided to take this question out to the wider Cardano community in the form of a Stake Weighted, Wallet Holder Signed, feedback submission form.

If you want to provide your own suggestions on what the initial, 'Bootstrap Phase', settings of the CIP-1694 Governance Parameters should be, now is your chance to formally record your position in a clear, and accountable, way.

If you wish to proceed with providing this feedback, please click the “Take Survey” button above to commence your journey.